Educational activities

Main subjects:

Environmental microbiology and remediation, lecture, bioengineer, B.Sc.

Environmental risk management, lecture, bioengineer, M.Sc.

Environmental microbiology and biotechnology, lecture, environmental engineer, M.Sc.

Environmental toxicology, lecture and laboratory practice, environmental engineer and bioengineer, M.Sc.

Environmental toxicology, lecture, engineer teacher, M.Sc.

Environmental toxicology, lecture, English course

Environmental risk assessment of chemicals, lecture, Ph.D.

Contribution to:

Microbiology, laboratory practice, bioengineer, B.Sc.

The basics of environmental protection, lecture, bioengineer, B.Sc.

Cell biology, lecture, bioengineer, B.Sc.

Soil protection, lecture, environmental engineer, B.Sc.