The information visualised on maps are grouped in two main units according to the general system of the ENFO knowledge base: Basic knowledge and Practical use.

Both units contain the elements used in the Photo Gallery and the E-learning matrix: ex. the Basic Knowledge unit includes the chemicals, the minerals and rocks, the ecosystems and various living organisms; the Practical use unit includes the chemicals, the environmental elements, the wastes, the noise and vibrations and the contaminated sites.

The map types used for data visualisation are: digital maps, google maps and scanned (static) maps.

The digital maps belong to the ENFO project interactive GIS map database. The IT tool enables on-line work and access.

The google maps visualise data uploaded on a google background map. Registered users can upload information based on coordinates. The user can zoom and search on these type of maps.

The scanned maps are uploaded as photos. These maps are available photos of thematic maps produced by experts of specialised institutions. Function of the resolution of the photo, the maps can be zoomed in and out.