BME Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology Research Group - infrastructure

The BME Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology Research Group possesses well equipped microbiological and toxicological laboratories with the following facilities and infrastructure:

  • Soil microcosms systems for recultivation and remediation experiments
  • Environmental toxicological bioassays and other test methods using microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and single cell animals as well as aquatic and terrestrial animals and plants: Aliivibrio fischeri, Tetrahymena pyriformis, Lemna minor, Sinapis alba, Vicia faba, Daphnia magna, Heterocypris incongruens, Folsomia candida
  • In vitro mutagenicicty tests using Salmonella typhimurium
  • Equipments for measuring soil respiration (dynamic in a self-developed  and static methods in closed bottle system)
  • LUMAC luminometer for bioluminescence measurement
  • FLUOstar Optima - microplate reader for fluorescence and luminescence assays
  • Dialab EL800 microplate reader
  • SANYO SP55 UV/Vis spectrofotometer
  • NIKON SMZ800 stereomicroscope
  • NIKON Eclipse E400 advanced biological research microscope
  • Biorad iCycler Thermal Cycler PCR
  • Uvitec Gel Documentation and Analysis System
  • NITON XL3t XRF portable metal analyser