One month after the breach of the red-mud pond dyke

One month after the breach of the red-mud pond dyke

Gruiz Katalin

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Victims of the red mud catastrophe
The red mud catastrophe has...
The emptied part of Kolontár...
Reconstructed bridge in Kolontár
The bridge in Kolontár...
Reconstructed railway
The reconstructed railway
Üres házak Kolontáron
Üres házak Kolontáron
Deserted houses in Kolontár...
Deserted houses in Kolontár...
Wardrobe with clothing in a  deserted  house in Kolontár
Deserted homes
Deflector wall protects the...
Houses in Kolontár village
House in Kolontár
House in Kolontár village
Traces of the red mud flow on...
Gardens in Kolontár
Gardens in Kolontár
House in Kolontár
House in Kolontár village
House, garden and water well
Place of the gas meter on the house wall
Place of the gas meter
Red pile
Pile of red mud and waste...
Equipment in front of the house
Red equipment
Household waste
Waste pile on the streets of...
Animal corpses
Animal corpses
Announcement about animal...
Torna creek
Torna creek plate
Red sludge setteld in the creek
Red sludge accumulated in the...
The cleaned bank of the Torna creek
The cleaned bank of the Torna...
pH-measurements in the Torna creek
pH-measurement in the creek...
Cleared riverbank in Devecser
The banks of the creek in...
Plaster addition place along the bank of the creek
Red water, white bank
Earthwork equipment in Devecser
Earthwork equipment on the...
Plaster on the red mud covered soil
Plaster is placed on the soil...
Along the creek in the castle park
Earthwork equipment along the...
Truck in Devecser
Trucking company in Devecser
Abandoned houses in Devecser
Deserted houses in Devecser

The above photos were made by Katalin Gruiz during the site trip done by the expert team one month after the breach of the red mud pond dyke. The expert team included besides representatives of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, members of the Research Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry of the Hungarian Academy of Science, experts of the British Geological Survey and of the Newcastle University.

The above slides present the actual status of the affected villages (Kolontár and Devecser), of the red mud pond and the contaminated agricultural area.