KÖRINFO/ENFO Conference 28.05.2010

Gábor Hasznos from the Ministry of Environment opens the Conference
konferencia megnyitó
Gábor Hasznos, chair of the scientific section
Participants of the Conference
 Irma Zöldi representing VITUKI and Ökocsepp
Zoltán Jóri
Kanász-Szabó Ervin
Vaszita Emese, BME
Dr. Fenyvesi Éva, CYCLOLAB
Dr. Anton Attila, MTA TAKI
Váradi Tamás, WEPROT és Dr. Síki Zoltán, BME

The ENFO Conference was held on the 28th of May at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The main topics were: environmental management of chemical substances and contaminated land, routine and innovative technologies for site assessment and monitoring, for measuring adverse effects and for the remediation of the degraded, contaminated environment.

Air, water and soil as well as chemical substances, wastes and contaminated sites were discussed from the point of view of the application and use of modern engineering tools in their management.

Physico-chemical analyses, biological and ecological monitoring, environmental toxicity testing, transport modelling, GIS-tools for mapping and planning, risk assessment and life cycle assessment as well as risk reduction measures and the suitable technologies were dicussed in the presentations.

The collection of information and data in support of decision making and utilising the knowledge in environmental management is aided by a user-friendly electronic knowledge-base, the KÖRINFO or in English ENFO, which is not only readable but also  on-line loadable and editable.

The knowledge-base has three knowledge-levels: the highest for professionals, decision makers, engineers, authority and policy people; the basic level for everyone, such as students, pupils, families, etc.; and the lowest level ensures accessibility for everyone in an easy-to-read format.

You can find pictures about the Conference in the photo-album of the event.